Filing of Trade Mark Application Starts @2000/- INR Only

Importance of Trademark is realised most when some imposter steals identity of your business and you feel helpless. Though you can still obtain legal relief but at an exorbitant cost. Best practice is to register the Trademark, Logo, Label, Brand Name, Slogan, Shape of Your Product. The steps of protecting your trademark is as as under:

  1. Search of TrademarkGovernment of India Maintains a register of all the trademark registered and applied, a thorough search is useful in ascertaining whether your mark is already registered by some one else or to ascertain the distinctiveness. its freely available at www.ipindia.gov.in, we also help you on searches.
  2. Obtain a Trademark Attorney Report (Optional): Our trademark attorney report is an in depth research on the challenges which your trademark application is likely to face. It is strongly recommended in case you are going to invest heavily in branding. 
  3. Filing of Trademark Application (TM-1): The first step in registering a trademark is to file an application in prescribed manner. Once application is received and the government fee of Rs. 4000/- is generated the applicant can start using TM over the mark. The procedure of trademark application filing is explained below.
  4. Examination of Application: The trademark department examines the filed application and releases an examination report which may have departmental objections to the application, However in case the application is free from any objection the same gets published in trademark journal. 
  5. Publication in Trademark Journal: Once all the departmental objections are cleared the application is published in Trademark Journal and any person from general public can oppose. the opposition proceedings are also called as third party objection. Once it is resolved the trademark gets registered.

We have our services available to meet all steps of trademark registration. Our trademarkfiling service is most competitively priced at Rs. 2000 + Service tax @ 14% (Total filing Fee = 2280 Only) which covers only filing part of application as detailed in step No-3 above. We also have advance plans to cover all aspects of IPR protection. You are requested to contact our customer care numbers.

Inquire us:   info@financemitra.co.in 

  Following is the list of documents required for trade mark / logo registration

  1. Signed form TM-48, this is an authorization to a trade mark attorney for filling of trade mark application on behalf of the client.  
  2. Filled TM Questionnaire : this document is intended to captures necessary and basic information which is required to file trade mark application.   
  3. Soft copy of image / logo, if any, in JPEG format

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